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Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III

I was lucky. Most parents aren’t blessed with children who are as naturally inclined to the sports and activities their parents have taken after as their parents are. In my case, though, both my son and my daughter, twins, took after archery with the same enthusiasm I did when I was young. Of course, a lot has changed between when I started and today, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III compound bow set. The technology behind these bows is magnificent. They’re perfect for my kids, and are wonderful tools in general.


The first thing you have to keep in mind when buying a bow for a kid – or, well, anything for a kid, really – is that it needs to be durable. At least in my boy’s case, I can’t give him a thing without finding it torn up or otherwise malformed just a week later. This bow is an exception. Granted, he tries to take better care of it than he does his other stuff, but not by all that much. Nevertheless, it still shoots very well, and hardly looks used.

Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III Bow Set review

Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III Bow Set

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Easy to Learn

Both my children had a little trouble learning how to shoot at first, but I chalk that up to archery being difficult rather than to this bow being poorly made. They got up to speed pretty quickly, in fact, and were able to place reasonably accurate shots after just a week, having gotten used to the ergonomics of the bows by then. I was pretty impressed, both by their aptitude and by the engineering of the bow that allowed them to disregard the discomfort of pulling a heavy string against their forearm. I don’t know what Bear Archery did exactly, but they did it right.

Easy to Maintain

A lot of my other compound bows are difficult to take care of. I have to disassemble them, carefully and consistently, clean the right pieces, reassemble it, carefully, put it up in its case with the right precautionary measures, and, in general, do a lot more than I’d want to do just to keep it clean and functional. The Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III bow set is a lot easier to care for, however. In fact, the bows are largely self-maintaining; all you need to do is check the string after each session and you’re golden.


Ultimately, I can’t come up with anything negative about these bows, at least that’s negative enough to deter me from recommending them to anyone with children who want to get into archery. Sure, this set is a little more expensive than most other children’s sets, but it’s significantly better, and will last a lot longer. You can bet on not having to buy another set for at least a few years, so in a sense, it’s actually cheaper, and your kids will absolutely love it. Give the Bear Archery Right Hand Warrior III a shot if you like to shoot!

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