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Genesis Original Bow Review

I only started shooting recently, so I had to spend a lot of time thinking about what bow to buy. Eventually, I sucked up my pride and headed over to the local pro shop to do a little asking instead of a lot of digging. The girl over there recommended the Genesis Original Bow with no hesitation whatsoever, since I was a beginner looking to get into archery as quickly as possible and interested in sharing the bow with friends and family. I went home to do a little final research, and then picked up the Genesis Original the next day. It was definitely not a mistake.

First Impressions

The first thing I said when I got this bow was, wow. Partially, I was just excited to get my hands on a new bow that I could start learning on, but more than that, it’s just pretty. The entire setup is aluminum, so it’s lightweight but super sturdy. I can tell the bow is going to last me for awhile already. I played with the strings a little to see how they drew, and they felt wonderful, as well. I didn’t get to test them out until the next day, but they confirmed that the were as smooth as they looked then.

Genesis Original compound Bow review

Genesis Original Compound Bow


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Draw Length

One of the nicest things about the Genesis Original Bow is the fact that it has no set draw length. This means I can shoot it once, then hand it to my friend of completely different height, let him fire a few arrows, and then get it back after he’s done, all with zero need for adjustment. This is wonderful for turning my time at the range into a social eercise as well as an athletic one, and helps me maintain good habits even when I’m shooting with others since I don’t have to adapt to their bows’ draw lengths.

Ease of Use

I hinted at this above, but the Genesis Original Bow is wonderfully easy to use. Startlingly easy to use, in fact. It took almost zero time to set up aside from unboxing, and after a couple draws to ‘break in’ the string, it was ready to go. I shot a couple arrows in the direction of the target and missed every time, but that’s more because I’m terrible at aiming than because the bow doesn’t fire straight. I found that it shot true to the path I’d aimed each time… I just chose the wrong path consistently. Eventually, my friend, who is an archer of great experience, stopped laughing at me and corrected my technique. After that, hitting the target was as easy as pie – and it really did happen that quickly. I’m still not great, of course, but I can at least hit the general are of the bull’s eye, a huge improvement over hitting the hay. Overall, I’d have to say this is one of the easiest to use products I’ve bought in awhile, in general. I highly recommend it.

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