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Genesis Pro Bow

One word: Sleek. There are a lot of bows out there, many of which are as good as the Genesis Pro, but few match this kind of quality and presentation for the price range. And by “few”, I mean, I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve never found them. When it comes to sheer power, silence, ease of draw, and accuracy, the Genesis Pro Compound Bow is one of the best I’ve found – period. There are a number of things to keep in mind about it before you buy, though. Let’s take a look at some of the finer points.

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use

The Genesis Pro Bow is a pretty simple compound bow, with well designed stringing and an easy enough draw for most people. I was able to get it ready to shoot in just an hour or so, and I don’t have all that much experience in archery. I think the Genesis Pro Bow was designed for newer archers, as it’s low on frills but high on function, which is probably a good thing even if you’re more experienced. I added a sight to make it easier to aim before I went outside, and when I did, I found that my setup was actually functional, operating quite well, in fact.

Genesis Pro compound Bow review

Genesis Pro Compound Bow

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The draw is easy, quiet, and smooth. The only thing I noticed was that it gave my wife a little bit of trouble. She’s smaller than I am, but an experienced archer, so I found this surprising at first. She didn’t, though; she told me that the Genesis Pro Compound Bow had a relatively high brace height, which makes it harder for small archers, even strong ones, to get much power from the bow. This is something to consider that I didn’t when I bought it. It doesn’t bother me, of course, but if you’re on the smaller side, try to find the Genesis Pro Bow in your local pro shop to see what the experts have to say or try it for yourself.


One of the nicest things about archery is hitting a bull’s eye. The first time I ever did that was with the Genesis Pro Compound Bow. Now, that has a lot to do with the site and the fact that I’d been practicing for some time before heading back to the range to give it a shot, but it was still a nice feeling, and the arrows from the Genesis Pro Bow fly very straight. It didn’t do much to make me too much better at aiming, but it did quite a bit at making that aiming deadly consistent. I would recommend this bow to anyone who shoots with the intention of hitting highly precise targets – that is, for anyone learning how to use a bow to hunt or looking to enter competition archery. The Genesis Pro Bow, overall, is a 9/10 bow for me, with one star lost for the fact that it’s hard for smaller people to use. For me, though, it’s perfect.

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