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PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow

All I have to say is: Wow! I’ve shot a lot of bows over the years, and I’ve been impressed once for every compound bow I’ve shot, but none have quite hit me like the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow did when I first opened it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the easiest to shoot, the most powerful, or anything like that. But it is, without a doubt, one of the most perfect bows out there in terms of how well it does what it’s made to do. Let’s talk about why.

No Slacking

The first thing I noticed was the stringing on this compound bow was superb. Not only was there no unnecessary slack at all, it was somehow easy to draw, as well. The balance between too much and too little tension is displayed optimally in this bow, making in a wonderful piece to shoot and marvel at as an accomplishment of engineering. Docking an arrow is easy as pie, as well, and firing does nothing to skin your arm, as it does with some bows. Overall, I have to give the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow a 10/10 on overall design, with particular emphasis on how well the strings are integrated and tightened.

PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow review

PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow

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Something for Everyone

I love the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow because my 16 year old son can shoot it and have as much as I can, even though we use different bows normally and generally enjoy different things in our archery sets. He’s young, but he can value a bow as well as I can, and he likes it just as much for different reasons, which speaks volumes to the bow’s versatility and wide appeal. Personally, I adore the way it’s molded, the sight, and the way it feels in my hand. He likes it for its ability to fire an arrow “almost as if through a rifled bore”. No matter whether you like the act of shooting or the thrill of striking the target, there’s something in the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow for you. Period.


I take this bow out in the woods to shoot, not just to the range, and I’ve dropped it, struck it against trees, and just generally abused it a lot more than I really ever should have. That doesn’t seem to matter, though; the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow still works just fine. Of course, if ever it doesn’t, I’ll know why, but for now, I’m just surprised and impressed by the bow’s durability. It seems to be able to take everything I throw at it, whether I do so intentionally or not. Wonderful.


At the end of the day, the PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow is my go-to bow. I have lots, but I like this one best. It’s easy to shoot, ready out of the box, perfect for target shooting, great for hunting, and is guaranteed to do just about anything you could want a compound bow to do otherwise. 10/10.

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