Top 3 Compound Bows

When it comes time to buy a new compound bow, the obvious question of “which” rears its ugly head. And it really is an ugly head, because the question is such a complex one. There are literally thousands of things to consider when buying a new bow, and at least a few hundred when buying a compound bow. Of course, we’re usually pretty good at narrowing that several hundred down to a handful, but even that process of reduction is a difficult one. Here, we’ve rounded up three of the best compound bows to winnow down the number of things you have to worry about even further. These are all magnificent pieces of equipment, and all will serve you well. The choice is one of taste, not correctness, which should make your life a whole lot easier.

Genesis Original

The Genesis Original is one of the classic compound bows that every archer has at least heard of once. The Genesis is a great choice for many reasons. For one, it has no set draw length, so you can pass it from person to person without having to make adjustments. In addition, it’s super durable, very light, ready to shoot right out of the box, and is versatile enough to function as the main bow of a target shooter or the learning piece for a fifth grader.

Genesis Original compound Bow

Genesis Original Compound Bow

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PSE Stinger 3G

The PSE Stinger is another wonderful compound bow. This thing just looks cool, so if you’re one of those people primarily concerned with aesthetics, the Stinger is your go-to. It’s powerful, sleek, built to last, and easy to use. It’s a little pickier than the Genesis Original, but it’s significantly less picky than many bows out there, and is still pretty easy to configure. When it comes to bang for your buck, the PSE Stinger is one of the best choices you could make. It’s quick, it’s strong, it’s everything you want – period.

PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow review

PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow

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Genesis Pro

Genesis is already represented on this list, but we have no problem listing one of their other bows, the Genesis Pro, here as well. Why is simple: The Genesis Pro is an all-round powerhouse of a machine. If a bow should be able to do it, the Genesis Pro can do it. If a bow shouldn’t do it, the Genesis Pro… Doesn’t do it. It’s not as easy to pass from person to person as the Original is, but it’s a good compromise between the absolute versatility of the Original and the super-power of the PSE Stinger, if you don’t have the money for the latter but don’t quite need the ability to share that comes with the former.

Genesis Pro compound Bow review

Genesis Pro Compound Bow

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At the end of the day, the bow that you need is the bow that does the job right with the least trouble. All three of these are guaranteed to do the job with little trouble. The one that does it with none is, of course, specific to you. Try them out and make your choice soon.