Why You Should Get a Compound Bow

People just getting into archery are faced with a host of decisions. What bow do I buy? What kind do I get? Where do I go for lessons? What kinds of arrows should I purchase? All of these are legitimate questions with difficult-to-find answers… Except for one. There is only one good answer to the question, What kind of bow should I get?

Buy a compound bow. Period. There are many reasons to consider a longbow, but in our experience, such bows are better suited for more experienced archers. If you have no clue on what a compound bow is, yet, you should read our article on that topic on this page. Here are the four main reasons why.

Compound Bows Shoot Easier

Compound bows are made with pulleys and levers designed to give the archer significant mechanical advantage over the wood. This allows you to draw the stiffer materials of a compound bow much more easily than you would be able to draw it otherwise. This makes for a significantly easier draw, even for bows with high draw weights, because of the magnification of the imparted force that the pulleys allow you to take advantage of. If you’re a new archer, this is great, because it allows you to focus on your form and other aspects of your shooting.

High Power

Because of the pulleys, compound bows can be expected to shoot at significantly higher power than traditional longbows can, at least for a given level of difficulty drawing. It’s true that classical longbows can fire far and powerfully, but compound bows do a better job per unit length than longbows do, in general. This allows your arrows to sink deeper in targets for less effort on your part, again allowing you to focus on your shooting techniques rather than the strain of keeping your bow drawn. The high power you can get from a compound bow is just one more reason to consider one.

why you should get a compound bow

Easy to Learn

Because compound bows allow you to focus on the mechanics of shooting and aiming less than on straining to keep your bow drawn, they’re much easier for beginners to learn on. They’re also wonderful pieces of equipment for experts to play with, as they can allow them to address certain habits of shooting they need to fix or otherwise modify by taking away the distraction of exerting too much in the way of muscular strength so that they can, instead, focus on the task at hand: Hitting the bull’s eye or launching the arrow for maximum distance in a flight shooting competition.


Speaking of flight shooting, compound bows can be used in many such competitions. They can also be used for target shooting at home. Or hunting. Come to think of it, there’s really not much in the world of archery that a compound bow can’t be used for. They’re like Swiss army knives, except deadlier, bigger, and more impressive. If you’re just getting into archery and have no idea what you want to specialize in, getting a compound bow is your best bet, since they allow you to learn well and explore a lot.